Music Recovery - Recover mp3, wav, midi files

Formatted drive - synopsis of formatting

Mp3 has been a phenomenon viewed by the audio industry. The advent of the MP3 format revolutionized the music world or the digital audio industry. Mp3 file is a compressed form of a digital audio with some loss in the quality of music which is generally ignored by the human ears.

Now mp3 could be bought & shared over internet, music players supporting mp3 file format got flooded in the market (iPod etc). Now instead of maintaining physical copies of our albums in folders and cases we are using applications, storage devices to manage our albums and collection of rare music numbers.

Music players like iPod uses iTunes to manage the collection of songs, it can be synchronized, copied and deleted using iTunes. These music players are normal flash storage devices. However, iPod uses micro hard drives as well and all of them are susceptible to data loss like any other storage device.

A user might delete his complete album accidentally or device may dysfunction causing inaccessibility to music files. Disk Doctors Photo Recovery (Win) helps in recovering lost or deleted mp3 files from hard drives, flash players, iPod etc. This Music Recovery software apart from mp3 supports WAV and MIDI files, which are native to Microsoft Windows operating system and are extremely common.

Simple process to recover lost or deleted Music Files

Immediately stop using the music player completely. Attach the player to your PC or if it is a memory card, attach it to a card reader and than connect it to your PC (most of the latest desktops and laptops nowadays are having inbuilt card readers, in case your system is not having any, buy a USB interface card reader). Ensure that your system is able to recognize the drive, so that mp3 recovery application is able to access the drive.

Download the free demo version of Disk Doctors Photo Recovery (Win) software and install the software. It is extremely easy to use the software to recover lost or deleted mp3, wav or midi files, launch the software, select your memory card or music player drive and select the file types you would like to recover and “that’s it”. Software scans the drive and would present a list of the found files, select the file and preview the file to test the recovery results.

Please note: Demo version of the recover mp3 software allows you to find the lost mp3, wav and midi files and preview them. To recover and save the music files to your disk you would need to purchase the full version of the software.

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