SD Card Video Recovery

My digital video camera's SD card claims it can't find my son's videos. I had his stuff and all of our family vacation on there. The vacation photos are still where they belong, but my son's files are still not showing up. If the SD card is bad, what can I do to save the data that still shows up and also try and get back all that lost video footage?

You should try and connect your card reader to another computer just to be sure that the USB ports on your computer are not faulty, as you suggested.

Photo Recovery can find your lost movies, save your images and move all of them to a safer location. You can also send rescued files to CD/DVD (which might be a good idea, for now, considering your situation). Remember, solid state media like SD cards and many other major formats are just as likely to be corrupted, damaged or lose data as you would with any other regular hard drive.

Use Photo Recovery (Win) / Photo Recovery (Mac) to recover lost, deleted photos, music and video files