About Us

Disk Doctor Labs Inc. has been serving the US and worldwide since 1991 and speedily becoming the leader in data recovery from storage devices. Our expert team of data recovery engineers and customer service representatives work very hard in providing the best possible service.

Disk Doctors operates worldwide from labs in United States, UK, Australia, India & Pakistan. Today Disk Doctors offers the most comprehensive services available in this specialized field.

Disk Doctor Labs Inc. invests huge chunk of their profits toward research and development of data recovery techniques for ever-changing challenges and cost effective solutions for our customers.

Our Data Recovery experts work diligently with our software department to come up with proprietary methods and software utilities, to keep up with the ever changing hardware and software solutions for different kind of storage devices which are robust and cost effective.

Our engineers are among the most experienced and professional data recovery experts in the world. Our goal is to bring our clients halted operations back into working conditions with quickest, cost effective, and quality data recovery.

Disk Doctor Labs Inc. has been performing data recovery for individuals, multinational corporations, educational institutions and government agencies since 1991. Disk Doctor Labs Inc. is one of the most trusted and respected data recovery company in United States and around the world.

Disk Doctors will provide you with the most helpful Customer Support Representatives, who will thoroughly walk you through the Data Recovery Process. Our software & services will live up to your standards with our 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed, and fast turnaround.