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Use Disk Doctors Award Winning Data Recovery Software & Utilities to recover lost data. Select from the listing below the utility that suits your requirements most.

Hard Drive Recovery UtilityExpertise

Crashed Hard Drive Recovery
For crashed hard drives which works on Windows use Disk Doctors award winning utilities select from various Windows Data Recovery Software available in our portfolio like NTFS Data Recovery, FAT Data Recovery, Undelete, Instant File Recovery Software.

Email Recovery and Outlook Repair Software
Disk Doctors has robust award winning utilities for Recovery and Repair of Outlook Express and Microsoft Outlook. Microsoft outlook pst repair and recovery utility can be used to recover all emails, contacts, calendar etc.. details from Outlook.

Photo Recovery and Music Recovery
Disk Doctors Photo Recovery (Win) Utility can be used to recover photos, images like Jpg, Jpeg, Tiff, Bmp, Gif and professional digital raw photos from Canon, Nikon, Minolta, Sony and Olympus Cameras. Music and Video files like mp3, mp4, avi, mpeg, midi, wav can be recovered from ipod, mp3 players etc..

Windows Recovery & Partition Recovery
NTFS Data Recovery and FAT Data Recovery can recover lost, deleted, formatted partitions from hard drives.

Linux Recovery Software
Disk Doctors Linux Data Recovery Software can be used to recover from crashed Ext2 and Ext3 File Systems this recovery is proved to recover data from very complex hard drive crashes.

Data Eraser and File Shredder
Use Disk Doctors Data Sanitizer Software or File Shredder to permanently erase the data or files present on the hard disk drive. Data Eraser offers nine erase standards for hard disk wiping making it impossible to recover data.

Data Recovery Services

Hard Drive Data Recovery
When what's not to fail, fails...rely on our Data Recovery professionals to get you back in action by recovering your data quickly and reliably. Whatever is your case more >

RAID Data Recovery
Disk Doctors RAID Data Recovery experts are certified by Adaptec, with know-how and experience in working on all types of data failures in RAID arrays on any platform more >

Deleted File Recovery
Disk Doctors provides most comprehensive deleted file recovery. Support provided for MS Office files like Word, Excel, Access, Power Point, Outlook PST and DBX etc. more >

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Emergency Service
Emergency Support services are available 24x7 on weekdays and weekends, in this service level Disk Doctors data recovery engineers will work round the clock - continuously to provide you with the best & quick turn-around time possible for a complete data recovery service.

Expedite Service
Expedite Services are available during business hours on all weekdays. Under expedite mode the data recovery process in our lab happens on a continuous basis and your job will be addressed by dedicated engineers,

Normal Service
Normal Services are available during business hours on all weekdays. Data Recovery cases in this mode are executed by our engineers on first comes first serve basis till recovery process is completed. more >
CNET Editor Rating
CNET Editor Review
“We found that the program discovered the folder and file structure faster than many similar programs”
Tucows Rating
Tucows Editor Review
“Congratulations! This is the highest scoring application I've had the pleasure of reviewing in a very long time! 51 out of a possible 54 points!”

User Software Rating
Yep, I used our scanpst.exe as well as 4 other utilities. Yours was the only one that showed me it could recover messages.
Chris Knaff

Thank you for providing your expertise and allowing us to have the ability to right our wrongs!  Now, "Oh, nooooo!!!", can be turned into "Oh, thank you Disk Doctors".  I will definitely refer you to everyone I know.
Appreciatively yours,
Jonalyn Atkinson

Thank you! It is nice to deal with professionals!
In spite of my PC being re-imaged, having several applications installed and being used daily for about a week, your product was able to recover most of my lost files!
George M. Bigham Thomson

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Recently Asked Questions RAQ

Can I use Windows Data Recovery Software to recover data from a lost partition from my RAID 5 array?
RAID 5 is a redundant hard drive array that uses at least 3 hard drives to securely duplicate and manage your data. If a partition has been lost, it is possible to restore the data >>more

How can I get my data back from a NTFS hard drive that's been reformatted to FAT32
The NTFS Data Recovery package has tools for recovering data from damaged partitions, even when a new format is applied. >>more

I just took over a new IT division and I'm trying to move us off of our old Solaris setups, but getting the old data has been a problem. I've tried a few other recovery suites, but it's clear that they can't deal with this file system. What's my next move?
UNIX Data Recovery works well with external media and can repair most major corruptions, damage that includes corruption with Inode Tables, Master Boot Record, Cylinder group header, >>more

I'm trying to get my old financial records off of a drive that's got something called FAT32. If I have vista on my main machine, is there something really basic I can use to recover my old records?
FAT32 is a kind of file system and the 32 has to do with how much each little part of the hard drive can hold, in terms of data allocation and depending on your configuration. >>more

What's the best way to get my data off of a corrupted flash drive or SD card?
If you are using a flash drive, try and connect it to another computer just to be sure that the USB ports on your computer are not faulty. If you are using removable flash media, try connecting it to your computer with a card reader >>more

My digital video camera's SD card claims it can't find my son's videos. I had his stuff and all of our family vacation on there. The vacation photos are still where they belong, but my son's files are still not showing up. If the SD card is bad, what can I do to save the data that still shows up and also try and get back all that lost video footage?
Photo Recovery can find your lost movies, save your images and move all of them to a safer location. You can also send rescued files to CD/DVD (which might be a good idea, for now, considering your situation) >>more

I just deleted a file from a hard drive, but I would like to get the file back if I can. I'm not sure if I used the regular "Empty Trash" function or if I used the "Secure Empty Trash" function. What should I do?
Mac Data Recovery uses a few different methods to search for data on your hard drive. If the file's listing in the main directory and the journal has been deleted, Mac Data Recovery uses >> more

Can I recover music and photos from my iPod?
Mac Data Recovery will recover your iPod even if it is formatted for PC. When Mac Data Recovery does a file search on a Mac volume, it will look through the file system to see if it has or has not been deleted yet and try to recover the files >>more

My husband deleted my iPhoto library can I get it back?
Mac Data Recovery can also use two types of file search depending on what kind of volume it was deleted from. If it was deleted from an unjournaled volume (like an external hard drive or secondary internal), >>more

I'm trying to rescue data from my old Red Hat Linux machine. What's good?
Linux Data Recovery fits well with most major builds of Linux and allows you to transfer your data easily to another Linux machine. >>more

I think my Outlook Express at home erased my work emails and I didn't make a backup. What can I do?
Outlook Express uses a file type called dbx or mbx in some of the older versions. Outlook express is, in fact, different enough from Outlook that confusing the two could become problematic. >>more

If I use Outlook Mail Recovery to repair a PST file from Outlook 2003, will I be able to use the repaired pst in Outlook 2007?
Before you use Outlook Mail Recovery, make sure you make a backup of the damaged pst file. When you have scanned and repaired your Outlook 2003 PST, you should have no problem >>more

I think I erased a new word document by accident. I was just trying to change the name and then I guess I must have hit the wrong keys. I have a backup, but I would much rather retrieve that version. Got any ideas?
More than likely, you hit shift and delete by accident and trashed the file. It’s good to hear that you have a backup. Deleted files aren't really ever deleted unless you overwrite the data sectors. Windows deletes the>>more

I need to delete a file so it can never be restored, but I don't want to erase the whole hard drive to do it. What do you recommend?
A full drive erasure would certainly do the trick, but it’s not a good idea for getting rid of just one file or folder. A typical emptying of the recycle bin will only remove its connection to the main directory>>more

If I'm trying to sell an old PC, what's the best way to erase my information?
Obviously, make sure everything in the computer works and that you've moved your data off of the hard drive. Once you've done that, use Data Sanitizer to completely erase the drive >>more

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