Recover music and photos from iPod

Q. Can I recover music and photos from my iPod?

Yes, you can recover data from an iPod, but once again, you have to make sure that you have not saved any new data. Next, make sure that the iPod is enabled for disk access. You can set that up by connecting your iPod to iTunes and enabling disk access in the checkbox that appears in the iPod’s main menu (this is the menu that details disk space, name, make and model for your iPod).

Mac Data Recovery will recover your iPod even if it is formatted for PC. When Mac Data Recovery does a file search on a Mac volume, it will look through the file system to see if it has or has not been deleted yet and try to recover the files from there. Mac Data Recovery also has a signature search, wherein it will look for specific identifiers on the files to locate and recover them. On a PC formatted iPod Mac Data Recovery cannot do a file system search, but a signature search is no problem.

You should use Disk Doctors Photo Recovery tool to recover data from PC formatted iPods.

Please Note: iPod Touch does not provides disk access, therefore above mentioned software does not support recovery from iPod Touch.

Use Photo Recovery (Win) / Photo Recovery (Mac) to recover lost, deleted photos, music and video files