Recover Deleted Files from Mac Hard Drives

I just deleted a file from a hard drive, but I would like to get the file back if I can. I'm not sure if I used the regular "Empty Trash" function or if I used the "Secure Empty Trash" function. What should I do?

It may be very difficult to get the file back, but not impossible. First of all, do not save any new information. This could prevent any kind of recovery from happening at all.

Mac Data Recovery uses a few different methods to search for deleted, lost data on your drive. If the file’s listing in the main directory and the journal has been deleted, Mac Data Recovery uses what’s called a signature search to find your deleted file. Each individual file has a specific signature that this search option scans to find. In some cases, it may only find parts of the file, but you can also use Mac Data Recovery’s Intelligent Scan, which searches for other file attributes, in addition to file signature, to locate your lost data.

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