Recover deleted emails in .pst file

If you use Microsoft Outlook as your business or personal email system then you are probably aware of the need to occasionally recover deleted emails that are saved in Outlook using the .PST file extension.

PST files are the primary file extension used in Outlook. They are used for archiving and storing data such as emails, contacts, calendars, journals, appointments etc. These .PST files as used in the Personal Folders files. These are large encrypted non-text files that store all mailboxes, schedules, contacts and all other information in Microsoft Outlook.

While most need to recover deleted emails lost in the Outlook mail client is caused by accidental deletion of emails, a large percentage of .PST files getting corrupted due to conflicting programs. Upgrading Microsoft Outlook versions can result in this problem. Some anti-virus scanning programs actually damage PST files. And of course sneaky viruses them selves are a major cause of damaged PST files.

In any and all of these cases the means to recover deleted email files is simple. That is to use Disk Doctors Outlook Mail Recovery Software . This software is recognized worldwide as the most powerful program available to quickly scan for lost folder and file structures for Microsoft Outlook .PST repair. Disk Doctors Outlook Mail Recovery Software is incredibly simple to use. It requires no more computer expertise than that needed to send a simple email. As with all Disk Doctors software, the program uses a "wizard style" user-friendly interface that will guide you through the entire process of finding and restoring deleted emails easily.

Frequently asked Microsoft Outlook repair questions:

Where are .pst files located or my computer?

The default location of .pst file in Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 is

drive:\Documents and Settings\user\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook

Default location of .pst file in Windows Vista is


How are Outlook emails in the .PST file lost?

Emails being the most important item stored in the PST files are always susceptible to data loss. The major cause for emails being lost from a .pst file is Accidental Deletion. (Deleting emails using Del Key, Shift+Del keys or emptying the Deleted Items Folder). Microsoft Outlook emails are also lost due to virus attack, corruption caused while compacting .pst file, due to 2 GB .pst file size limit, corruption inside the .pst file header, Outlook corruption etc.

Are the deleted emails in a .pst file recoverable?

Yes, the deleted emails can be recovered from a .pst file with the help of the Disk Doctors Outlook Mail Recovery Software

Where do these lost pst files go?

When an email is deleted in Microsoft Outlook it is not actually deleted, it is only marked as deleted. It is available as a free space for storing new data. The email is not permanently deleted until you compact the .pst file or save any new data.

Can I still use Outlook when I have lost files?

Never compact your .pst files or save any new data on to the drive after you have lost deleted any emails. Recover the deleted emails first thing!

Close your Microsoft Outlook application and test run Disk Doctors Outlook Mail Recovery (.pst) Software to find your lost/deleted emails and recover them.

Why can't I just use scanpst.exe to recover deleted email?

Disk Doctors Outlook Mail Recovery (.pst) Software can recover accidentally deleted emails or some personal folders of Microsoft Outlook. It does much more than what a Microsoft Inbox repair tool (i.e. “Scanpst.exe”) can do. This software has the most advanced algorithms ever designed to recover data from Microsoft Outlook emails archive file (.pst).