pst Repair

. PST is the primary file extension used with Microsoft Outlook. When Outlook client systems fail the solution to the problem lies in the area known as PST repair.

Businesses and large social organizations often prefer to use server based email systems as opposed to web-based email. While free email providers such as AOL and Yahoo offer excellent service they simply cannot offer the range of features available on powerful email handling programs such as Microsoft Outlook.

Unfortunately even the best programs for handling huge volumes of emails can fail. And when Outlook repair is needed one must utilize a program built for exactly that purpose. A program designed to scan and recover corrupted Outlook PST files is needed. A proven effective pst repair tool that will find and recover damaged or lost Outlook files is Disk Doctors Outlook Mail Recovery Program.

Microsoft Outlook is a tremendously popular email platform that allows for a huge volume of messaging to be handled. Outlook also features an superb calendar and applications for scheduling, appointment notification and automated billing. There are dozens of way in which Outlook can assist in online communications. A further feature of Microsoft Outlook is its ability to store all of this communication data safely and efficiently. Email addresses, client contact information and other records are easily stored and quickly retrieved using Outlook.

If you use Microsoft Outlook and have been encountering problems you may be seeing some of the following more common error messages indicating .pst corruption.

  • Error: Unable to display the folder.
  • Run-time Error '713': Class not registered. You need the following file to be installed on your machine - MSSTDFMT.DLL.
  • You receive an "Error 1931. The Windows Installer service cannot update the system file" error message when you run Detect and Repair for Office 2000.
  • You receive a program conflict error message when you start Outlook 2000.
  • ISTORX32.DLL error message when you start Outlook.
  • File path\filename.pst could not be accessed. Data error. Cyclic redundancy check .
  • Error: Outlook cannot open the data file filename until it has been checked for problems. When you open Outlook.
  • Error: The data file filename was not closed properly'. This file is being checked for problems.
  • OL2002 0x80040119 and Unknown Error Messages When You Try to Read, Send, Receive, or Delete email.
The above error messages could be a result of corruption caused due to:
  • 2GB PST Outlook File Size Limitation, this happens when the PST exceeds the size of 2GB. When it happens, the PST file is rendered unusable and Outlook will not synchronize.
  • Logical Corruption of PST File, this can be caused by a virus infection or human or software error when the file is opened and modified incorrectly.
  • It could also be that the user improperly shutdown the system before exiting the Outlook.
  • If Control Data Extensions Add-in has either been removed or is corrupt.
  • Corruption caused due to compacting of .pst file.

One of the most common symptoms for a corrupt Outlook PST file is that Outlook begins to run very slowly. It may take as long as several minutes to open or preview the contents of a message. Sometimes it Outlook just freezes up. In such a case if you close the application it will actually make the PST file corruption worse.