FAT32 Hard Drive Data Recovery on Vista machine

I'm trying to get my old financial records off of a drive that's got something called FAT32. If I have Vista on my main machine, is there something really basic I can use to recover my old records?

FAT32 is a kind of file system and the 32 has to do with how much each little part of the hard drive can hold, in terms of data allocation and depending on your configuration.

If you haven’t rewritten to the FAT32 drive you’re attempting to recover, you should be fine. Install FAT Data Recovery on the machine you’re going to use to scan the FAT drive.

DO NOT install FAT Data Recovery on the drive you’re trying to recover! FAT Data Recovery works with machines using Windows 2000, 2003, XP and Vista. If you’ve got XP on any of your other machines, you’ll be fine to install FAT Data Recovery.