Data Recovery Software or Services to recover lost data

How can I distinguish if your data recovery software will work or if I will need to send my drive in for data recovery services?

Choosing the right approach to recover data can be confusing some times for users who are facing data loss for the first time and are not aware of the technical facets of these two recovery modes.

When we should use data recovery software?
The software is a recovery engine designed with years of experiences while performing data recovery services. It reflects the knowledge of the company and its engineers about there understanding of the operating system and the related file system. Everything cannot be achieved with data recovery software.

Most popular surveys suggest that logical failure is the most common cause for data loss and data recovery software is the handiest solution that must be tried before anything else. Data recovery software when succeeded provides the latest data, if compared to backups.

hen we should use data recovery services?
  • The drive is physically damaged and is not getting recognized by the BIOS of the PC
  • The drive has lot of BAD sectors and it is impossible to scan the drive due to continuous hang caused by disk read errors.
  • When the logical crash is severe and it requires manual methods to find file out of the disk.

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