Corrupt Partition Recovery Software

Q. While re-distributing the drive by partition magic 7.0 software, my drive has corrupted and still it is available in computer mgmt as healthy logical (Unknown) drive. And it's not showing the drive in my computer. How to get it back with all data?

If the drive is having NTFS File system then use “thorough scan” partition search in NTFS Data Recovery Software to locate lost partitions. Steps to scan the drive using thorough scan are as follows:

  • Select “Recover your Data” option from the recovery wizard, further select the drive from where you need to recover data
  • Choose Scan for Logical Drive then click “Next”
  • Choose Thorough Scan and click Ok
  • Scan the drive using default sector and then click Ok

This will scan and would present a list of all the found lost or missing partitions on the drive. Select the partition and scan for files and folders to recover.