Formatted Laptop Hard Drive Recovery Software

Q. I have a laptop hard drive running Win XP. A person formatted the hard drive and reload Win XP on it. The customer had her business software on the system. Will your software recover the old file?

The best option for you is to download our NTFS Data Recovery demo version and use “Turbo Scan” search. Steps to scan the drive using “Turbo Scan” are as follows:

  • Scan the drive using “Recover your Data” and once the tree is formed
  • Select Tools > Turbo Scan

Turbo Scan performs intense search for lost files and folders and lists all the found files and folders in a separate folders as "##LostFolders1".

Demo Version of NTFS Data Recovery software lets you know the chances of recovering the data. Once the scan is over, software will show you the list of deleted files and folders which are recoverable. If the software shows you the file and folders which you are looking for then save the scan information and buy the Full version, open the saved scan information (saves repeat scanning time) to recover data.