Disk Doctors Data Recovery Software Testimonials

Disk Doctors Data Recovery Software Testimonials




Just a quick note of thanks for your photo recovery software. It took (4) days, but was able to retrieve all 88,000+ images!

Thanks again,

Noel Baebler Richmond, Virginia USA

I figured it - thanks! No need to reply. Got all my photos back. Really amazing software!

Kind Regards,

Carl Jones

Dear Disk Doctors,

Your efforts were successful. Thank you so much for all your hard work and diligence in recovering the MP4 videos for me. Words can't express enough how thankful my wife and I that you were able to help us retrieve the priceless videos of our son's 1st birthday. It is truly a an honor to do business with someone that stands behind their products and goes above and beyond in customer support to accommodate the individual. I would be happy to provide you with any recommendation to all who are in the same situation.

Kindest Regards,,

Mark W. See


This is just to let you know that your software WORKED! It successfully saved my data and allowed me to restore ALL OF IT!!! I am so happy. I will promote your software to ALL the people I know!

Thank you once again,


It is not often in the world computer technical assistance do you find a combination of the right product and the right person. When I called Disk Doctors for help retrieving my lost data they provided me the correct software and a very patient, very knowledgeable customer service representative to work me through the entire process. This company provides great value. I highly recommend them.

Dave Whalen

Yes I did it! My cr2 files are recovered.

Thank a lot for your support. I received an excellent service.


Yep, I used our scanpst.exe as well as 4 other utilities. Yours was the only one that showed me it could recover messages in the version.

Thank a lot for your support. I received an excellent service.

Chris Knaff (Microsoft)

Just to say, WOW! best recovery software I have ever used. I'm a photographer Quest Photography and I accidently deleted pictures of an awards ceremony. Disk Doctors brought them all back and not one file was corrupted. A Big thank you.

Martin Strivens

Just to congratulate you for a fine product.

Antonio Nunes

First thank you very much for creating a great program. It was the only program that was able to recover anything from my Ext3 drive. Other software found all the files, but were unable to recover anything for some unknown reason.

Ray Ambrosi (Canada)
PhD student,
Peking University
Beijing, China

All, I had a catastrophic drive failure which contained all of my baby's photographs - my wife was in tears. Thanks to your software I was able to recover each and every one. Thank you so much for this great product. I so very much appreciate it!

David Metraux Greensboro,


This is just a testimonial! I purchased Data Recovery Enterprise and it worked perfectly to recover most of my lost data from a bad hard drive. I will most certainly recommend this software to others. Thanks

Neil Shapiro

Amazing! Thanks - I was sure my 5 years of e-mails were gone, but now they're back! My contacts are all showing, but the details (phone, e-mail) are only showing in a few cases. In many contacts, the e-mail address shows up on the list under "home", but is not showing on the full contact card. Any ideas? Thanks

Steven R. Karas

I just wanted to say : Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I've been a programmer for over 40 years, and, until two days ago, I never lost anything substantial. Two days ago, I was moving my ubuntu 8.04 linux installation from one drive to another, and I inadvertantly erased the first few hundred sectors of my original drive. I tried all sorts of the standard linux recovery software. All I ended up with was a list of 200,000 files with no filenames! Essentially useless.

Your software worked instantly and allowed me to retrieve my home directory intact.

Again, Thank you very much!

Lawrence E. Lewis
Director of R&D
SAS Institute

Yes it really did work! My drive was "unreadable" by windows or anything else I threw at it. The drive was good, but no data. This software brought back about 95% of a 500GB drive!

Reviewer: legoman549
Site: download.cnet.com

Thanks for the great customer service. Getting answers quickly that really help makes an enormous difference when a project is on the line.

K. Edw. Lynch

Thank you! It is nice to deal with professionals!

In spite of my PC being re-imaged, having several applications installed and being used daily for about a week, your product was able to recover most of my lost files!

George M. Bigham Thomson