Windows Data Recovery SoftwareWindows Data Recovery

Disk Doctors Windows Data Recovery Software can recover lost data from any logical corruption on Windows. This data recovery software combines its TurboScan™ and File Tracer™ technology to recover data from severely corrupted FAT & NTFS partitions and complete hard drive more >

NTFS Data Recovery SoftwareNTFS Data Recovery

Disk Doctors NTFS Data Recovery software to recover data from NTFS, NTFS5, drives as well as it supports recovery from dynamic drives created on NT/2000/XP/2003 platforms. more >

FAT Data Recovery SoftwareFAT Data Recovery

Use Disk Doctors FAT Data Recovery software to recover data from FAT16, FAT32, drives as well as it supports recovery from the FAT partitions created on any other OS supporting FAT file system. more >

File Recovery SoftwareInstant File Recovery

Disk Doctors Instant File Recovery will instantly recover deleted files emptied from Recycle Bin, or lost due to accidental formatting or re-partitioning of a hard drive, viruses, and unexpected system or software malfunction. more >

Disk Doctors UndeleteDisk Doctors Undelete

Disk Doctor’s Undelete is The World’s Most Reliable and Fastest Undelete Software. It features an extremely easy interface and powerful functions that allows users to recover deleted and lost data. more >

Digital Media Recovery SoftwarePhoto Recovery (Win) Software

Disk Doctor's Photo Recovery (Win) is comprehensive recovery software for any Digital Media. It features an extremely easy interface and powerful functions that allows users to recover deleted and lost photos, music and video files. more >

Outlook Express Recovery SoftwareOutlook Express Email Recovery (.dbx) Updated Version 2.0.1 Released

Disk Doctor’s Email Recovery (.dbx) is a tool designed for recovering accidentally deleted Outlook Express e-mail messages from any “dbx / mbx” archive or to recover damaged *.dbx files where Outlook Express stores folders containing email messages. more >

Outlook mail Recovery (PST)Outlook Mail Recovery (.pst)

Disk Doctors Outlook Mail Recovery (.pst) is a robust and a powerful Microsoft Outlook recovery tool. The main features supports recovery of (.pst) files of Microsoft Outlook 97, 98, 2000, 2002, 2003 and 2007. Microsoft Outlook is a personal information manager from Microsoft, and is part of the more >

Mac RecoveryMac Data Recovery Software

Disk Doctors Mac Data Recovery software helps recovering lost data with the simplicity matching Mac OS X. This Mac Recovery software supports Mac OS X 10.4 and above, which includes "Leopard" more >

Photo Recovery MacPhoto Recovery Software (Mac)

Disk Doctors Photo Recovery software helps recovering lost, deleted Photos, RAW Photos, Music and Video Files from hard disk drives, iPod, SD Cards, CF Cards, XD Cards, Memory Cards, FireWire USB more >

Linux Data Recovery SoftwareLinux Data Recovery

Disk Doctors Linux Data Recovery is a tool that helps you to recover data from Ext2 & Ext3 File System which may be on any Linux Distribution. To name a few Redhat, Suse, Mandriva, Ubuntu, Caldera, Slackware, Gentoo, Kubuntu etc. more >

Data SanitizerUNIX Data Recovery Software (Solaris)

UNIX data recovery software uses significant non-destructive read only data recovery mechanism to recover lost Solaris data, software presents neatly crafted user interface that allows even a novice to handle complex recoveries more >

Data SanitizerXFS Data Recovery Software (UNIX)

Disk Doctors XFS Data Recovery software works for XFS file system only and is not targeted to any particular operating system due to wide support of XFS with various UNIX and Linux operating systems more >

Data SanitizerData Sanitizer

Disk Doctors Data Sanitizer is a utility that works on a principle of paper shredder that is often used to completely destroy unwanted sensitive data. Classified documents are often not torn by hand and thrown into waste bins, but they are destroyed using paper shredder. more >

File Shredder UtilityFile Shredder

Disk Doctors File Shredder helps you to shred files and folders from your Windows drive, it shreds the deleted data leaving no traces of sensitive critical data more >

Drive ManagerDrive Manager

Disk Doctors Drive Manager is a powerful and flexible utility package that lets you safely and securely manage, scan and protect your hard drive from disk failure, data loss or damage. more >

Smart E-mail BackupSmart E-mail Backup

Disk Doctors Smart E-mail Backup provides a secure backup for all your Outlook needs. Smart E-mail Backup is crafted with a simple interface that allows to save E-mails, folders, contacts, calendar, journal entries, tasks, notes, RSS feeds, settings, E-mail accounts, message rules, junk e-mail lists and signatures. more >


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CNET Editor Review
“We found that the program discovered the folder and file structure faster than many similar programs”

Tucows Editor Review
“Congratulations! This is the highest scoring application I've had the pleasure of reviewing in a very long time! 51 out of a possible 54 points!”



Yep, I used our scanpst.exe as well as 4 other utilities. Yours was the only one that showed me it could recover messages.
Chris Knaff

Yes it really did work! My drive was "unreadable" by windows or anything else I threw at it. The drive was good, but no data. This software brought back about 95% of a 500GB drive!
Reviewer: legoman549

Thanks for the great customer service. Getting answers quickly that really help makes an enormous difference when a project is on the line.
K. Edw. Lynch

Thank you! It is nice to deal with professionals!
In spite of my PC being re-imaged, having several applications installed and being used daily for about a week, your product was able to recover most of my lost files!
George M. Bigham